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  • 2 weeks ago
    ratings 5
    Brilliant solution for beautiful, but cold, sash windows.
    Excellent, from the time they sent the sample product and the informative booklet. Ordering was simple and when I queried the delivery date they responded with a personal phone call.
    The secondary glazing arrived as ordered, fits perfectly and we are now so much warmer in our...
    Mrs Carole Proud
  • 1 month ago
    ratings 5
    Great product, great service.
    It took us a while to decide to invest in secondary glazing from Extraglaze but we are glad we did!
    From the measuring and fitting instructions to checking details and requirements for accessories and arranging delivery to suit, the service was first class.
    Product : We tried...
    Thank you so much for your praise. We enjoy what we do here - and all the more when we read such great reviews like your own. We hope many others are encouraged to try Extraglaze as a result.
  • 4 months ago
    ratings 4
    Seems a good product and blends in very well with our decor.
    I had internet quote which was straightforward with good tips and advise on the measuring. Felt confident when I sent it that it would be ok.
    I sent for quote as diy and fitted by extra glaze and my only thought was that their quote for fitting sounded quite high.
    Thank you Lee for the positive feedback. It is true that the labour cost of our Fitted by Us service can be quite high. This is dependent largely on the distance from our nearest fitter and whether the work can be done in one or a series of days that might include overnight stays, etc. Just like we...
    lee rogers, Stoke-on-Trent
  • 5 months ago
    ratings 5
    Narrowboat Aslan
    Ease of ordering, telephone assistance where required and prompt delivery
    Product : Very easy to order, very easy to install that gives a professional look whilst using just DIY skills
  • 6 months ago
    ratings 5
    Excellent, friendly and professional!
    Excellent, professional and responsive. Very happy with the work done!
    Product : Fantastic professional service! I recommend them to everyone!

Extreme Adhesive Test



We wanted to prove to ourselves our adhesive is as good as if not the best!

Proven to improve


coventry university logo bre logo


The Building Research Establishment and Coventry University complete tests of the Extraglaze system
Soundproofing and thermal test results...


Recommended for Listed Buildings


Telford and Wrekin Conservation Department encourage the use of secondary glazing, where possible, to increase thermal efficiency.


Secondary Glazing : Ultra-slim & almost invisible


Transforming the enjoyment of your own home

Extraglaze secondary glazing is a scientifically proven, magnetic solution, perfectly designed for period windows and historic buildings.

arrowpichigh tiny Instant warmth retention

arrowpichigh tiny Your windows will look their best for much longer

arrowpichigh tiny Condensation very often eliminated, immediately

arrowpichigh tiny Clearer than glass

arrowpichigh tiny Sound proofing to reduce road noise significantly

arrowpichigh tiny Readily shaped to out-of-square frames, arches and more

arrowpichigh tiny So slimline and discreet it can even fit behind traditional shutters.

Extraglaze achieves this with the absolute minimum change to the appearance of any windows. Our customers remark that their secondary glazing is almost invisible, once installed.


The benefits continue:

arrowpichigh tiny instantly feel more comfortable
arrowpichigh tiny your windows made better than ever
arrowpichigh tiny no upheaval, building works or decorating
arrowpichigh tiny lower energy bills
arrowpichigh tiny draughts sealed
arrowpichigh tiny no damage to existing windows
arrowpichigh tiny light weight and easy to handle
arrowpichigh tiny Listed Building Consent not required*

How to compare our Extraglaze and Saverglaze products
...indeed any magnetic secondary glazing :

     System features
extraglaze saverglaze
info icon Scientifically proven in independent tests arrowpichigh tiny arrowsaverglaze
info icon Fully assembled panels: just unpack & fit arrowpichigh tiny arrowsaverglaze
info icon Superior packaging = safe delivery every time arrowpichigh tiny arrowsaverglaze
info icon All panels named for identification arrowpichigh tiny arrowsaverglaze
info icon Panel edge colours match your windows arrowpichigh tiny arrowsaverglaze
info icon Frame magnets also match your windows arrowpichigh tiny cross pichigh tiny
info icon Extra high bond adhesive arrowpichigh tiny cross pichigh tiny
info icon Maintenance free magnets arrowpichigh tiny cross pichigh tiny
info icon Branded Perspex arrowpichigh tiny cross pichigh tiny
info icon Always finding & offering new solutions arrowpichigh tiny cross pichigh tiny
info icon "Fitted By Us" - the expert option arrowpichigh tiny cross pichigh tiny

...over glass in sliding aluminium frames:

    Benefits to consider... Extraglaze Sliding aluminium
    Condensation Very low ** Serious
    Thermal insulation 11% better U-value than aluminium
    Product thickness 8.2mm Typically 40mm
    Frames None White aluminium
    Change to your window's appearance Almost none A bulky glazed unit
    Sound proofing *** ---- Comparable ----

*We have installed Extraglaze magnetic secondary glazing in all types of listed buildings, in conservation areas and in World Heritage sites. In every case, after discussion with the relevant bodies, no formalities/consent was required. We advise that customers always make appropriate enquiries in case an exception should arise, however usually a phone enquiry is all it takes to get clarification.

**In tests conducted for us at Coventry University, Extraglaze suffered 78% less condensation than the aluminium framed glass secondary glazing, when fitted to a sash window, with high humidity 'indoors' and temperatures of between -5 and -10 centigrade 'outdoors'.

***In tests conducted for us at the Building Research Establishment, we compared Extraglaze against an aluminium system stiffened by sliding framework running down the centre of the window. This stiffness gave it a slight advantage. Whereas the Extraglaze had no stiffeners, and looked much better for it. Had we stiffened it we believe they would have been more comparable.

**** Only genuine Extraglaze panels were used in these tests. No other magnetic systems were proven.

Fitting Service - or DIY

We can expertly install for you or supply fully assembled panels for you to fit with our full guidance. Order your free sample pack here.

Solutions for listed buildings & conservation areas

Extraglaze is the ideal secondary glazing solution for Listed Buildings and for those in Conservation Areas, being particularly suitable for buildings of historic significance. Planning Permission or Listed Building Consent will almost certainly not be required from your local authority. "most authorities encourage the fitting of secondary glazing to increase the thermal efficiency of period windows."

Fitted by Us service – for a fuss free installation

We provide a complete Supply and Fit service, from the initial survey right through to fitting and after sales care. You can get an initial estimate online here without the need for our surveyors to call. If you are happy with your estimate you can book a comprehensive survey and follow up quote online too.

Where do we install?

van medWe are working towards installing nationally but at present there is no surplus charge within a 50 mile radius of our Shrewsbury base or one of our national installers. If you are beyond that distance, we will ask a fair and reasonable charge for travel time and fuel.

Please send us your own measurements in the first instance to obtain an initial estimate. If you feel totally confident in measuring and installing for yourself then please use our Estimate or Buy Online pages to place your order.

DIY - fully assembled for you to install

We supply DIY secondary glazing panels ready to install. These are not kits, they are made to measure, fully assembled and ready to apply. In many cases all you need to do is open the box and fit the panels to your windows. We will supply a comprehensive set of fitting instructions and are available to offer help via our helpline phone number or via Skype or Facetime. Download our measuring guide here and then enter your measurements into our online estimator where you can also place an order.

To make an enquiry please use the Contact Us page
or email us - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Extraglaze is both a supplier and installer of specialist secondary glazing services, with a rapidly expanding network of trained fitters. Our customers include home owners, offices, schools, even holiday resorts with single glazed windows. We frequently install our secondary glazing in listed buildings and conservation areas, as well as church conversions, often with arched and stone framed windows. Extraglaze will even turn double glazing into triple glazing, and stop condensation. If you live in a noisy city or town centre, especially with draughty, badly sealed sash windows, it will bring you the sound insulation you never imagined possible, even as you watch the traffic pass by! We insulate sash windows and insulate casement windows. All our panels are made to measure. We make special shapes, arches and out-of-square panels, even bowed (3 dimensional) panels for windows that follow curved facades. We supply and fit magnetic secondary glazing for sash windows and casement windows, and of course stained glass windows. If you require energy saving windows then insulating sash windows is a great alternative to window replacement or window renovation. The low cost of secondary double glazing is affordable compared to replacement sash windows & replacement casement windows. Extraglaze offers window thermal insulation and sound insulation for existing windows including stained glass windows. Both double glazed sash windows and triple glazed sash windows are possible. Extraglaze can turn draughty old windows into energy efficient windows.



Help & Guides

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How to stop condensation


A typical installation
For sash windows
For casement windows
Easy Open System