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  • 6 days ago
    ratings 5
    Nothing to complain about - perfect for the job
    Easy and accurate
    Product : Ideal product and fit and ease of installation
  • 2 weeks ago
    ratings 5
    Excellent service throughout
    Very helpful advice over the phone prior to placing order and they responded quickly when we found we had missed one panel from our order - they went out of their way to complete the order promptly so that we were able to install before Christmas. Felt confident in their...
    Jill Wilson
  • 4 weeks ago
    ratings 5
    Excellent secondary glazing
    Easy to use website, delivery was in a very well packed box protected well from any potential damage.
    Product : It works extremely well reducing noise and cutting out all the draught. It makes an amazing difference to the room . The frames blend into the window and you hardly...
  • 1 month ago
    ratings 5
    Very efficient service and precise ordering details to ensure correct measurement of glazing. Also pleased with the comprehensive fitting instruction - process was easy to follow and went well.
    Product : Fitting has been fine - panel hasn’t been in place long enough yet to see if...
  • 1 month ago
    ratings 5
    Product delivered on time and to exact measurements. They look so good you hardly see them
    Paul Robinson, West Sussex

Extreme Adhesive Test



We wanted to prove to ourselves our adhesive is as good as if not the best!

Proven to improve


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The Building Research Establishment and Coventry University complete tests of the Extraglaze system
Soundproofing and thermal test results...


Recommended for Listed Buildings


Telford and Wrekin Conservation Department encourage the use of secondary glazing, where possible, to increase thermal efficiency.


Sound proofing your windows


Extraglaze secondary glazing offers many proven benefits:
  • sound proofing
  • thermal insulation
  • draught proofing
  • eliminates condensation.

Extraglaze, a company based in Shrewsbury, does all this without changing the appearance of your windows, whether inside or out.

It adds sound proofing to your window by creating a sealed cavity on the inside of your window. And you can still open your windows. Whereas an Extraglaze installation remains nearly invisible, other types of secondary glazing will change the look of your windows.

You must be very cautious if someone suggests modern replacement glazing is a good sound proofing solution. Is Extraglaze better? Quite simply, yes. In fact we have proven this to be the case, scientifically.

If your windows are old then they are probably draughty. Sound is exceptionally good at getting through channels, around rebates and between unsealed surfaces. Extraglaze seals up all those draughty openings, without making any alterations to the working of your windows.

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