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  • 4 days ago
    ratings 5
    Product delivered on time and to exact measurements. They look so good you hardly see them
    Paul Robinson, West Sussex
  • 4 days ago
    ratings 5
    Great product
    Personal service- great product
    Product : Once we got to grips with all instructions and guidance our panels were easy to install
  • 5 days ago
    ratings 4
    Beautiful glazing, well packaged. Only problem was poor communication about the delivery.
    Product : Great glazing. Affordable and convenient.
    Thank you for your very positive feedback. On the communications side of things, there was a “quiet” two weeks while we prepared your order. At this time of year our workshop is at its busiest dealing with a rush of orders. Despite this I am happy we got your panels to you within 12 working days, and...
  • 6 days ago
    ratings 5
    Great product
    First class service, quick delivery, great product
    Product : Good quality and well-constructed
    Malcolm Nelson
  • 2 weeks ago
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    Prompt delivery, excellent packaging and very clear instructions.
    Product : Brilliant, effective double glazing, almost invisible, easy to install.
    Imogen Mason

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We wanted to prove to ourselves our adhesive is as good as if not the best!

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The Building Research Establishment and Coventry University complete tests of the Extraglaze system
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Recommended for Listed Buildings


Telford and Wrekin Conservation Department encourage the use of secondary glazing, where possible, to increase thermal efficiency.


How to Stop Condensation


Extraglaze is frequently a really excellent system for tackling condensation (Extraglaze really works!...). However, please consider that, while it can stop the humid air condensing on your windows, it is not a cure for humid air!


So please take some time to learn more about the root causes of humid air in your home. At the same time you will learn how to prevent condensation manifesting itself in all sorts of other places as well.


How to stop Condensation

Can you do anything to manage condensation in your home? Well in a word, yes. There are lots of measures, some obvious, some less so.


Firstly, ask yourself why your house gets damp in the first place. The main culprits are these:

    • a busy, steamy kitchen
    • laundry hung over the radiators
    • long steamy baths and showers
    • regular use of a steam iron
    • a house somewhat full of people, especially overnight!
    • as above, together with cold and draughty spots, usually in corners of outside walls and on windows.

If you recognise any of these in your home then you have a true need for taking precautions, and especially for more ventilation.


An action list of essential remedies

Condensation is known to be bad for our health, and it is bad for the health of your home. So here’s an action list you might like to work your way through.


    1. ALWAYS close doors on the rooms that generate steam
    2. If any rooms don’t have doors in the doorway (especially downstairs, and the kitchen!) then have doors fitted
    3. Get better ventilation. Fans should always take the steam OUTSIDE from the cooker and bathroom. Forget the “circulating air filter” type cooker hoods, as they have no effect in tackling steam
    4. Use lids on pots when cooking, and turn down the heat to a gentler boil
    5. Use your steam iron in a room with an extractor fan running. If you iron a lot, for example as a home business, then it has to be a good extractor fan
    6. Swap your extractor fan for a heat exchanger version (such as Vent Axia’s Lo-Carbon models)
    7. Hang your washing outside rather than inside, whenever practical
    8. Increase the spin cycle speed on the washing machine if you can
    9. Use only a tumble dryer that extracts to the outside. Make sure the connection to the outside wall has not come loose, or it will leak into the room
    10. Add secondary glazing, or even triple glazing. Products like Extraglaze, don’t require you to replace your windows, and even pass the test on listed buildings. Tackling the upstairs windows must be your priority, even adding a layer of secondary glazing to a double glazed unit is practical
    11. Daft as it might sound, don’t seal the house so tight that it never gets a breath of fresh air! You’re maybe trapping all the damp inside, when it needs out! On warmer or sunny days why not let a good breeze come through for a short while
    12. Tropical fish tanks must be covered
    13. Wipe your windows dry as soon as you wake up. Don’t simply hang up the cloth to dry indoors – give it a good wring into the sink!


By tackling condensation not only will you live healthier, longer and more comfortably, so will your home!


Does Extraglaze Stop Condensation?

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